Kunming Boyichuang Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. (KMBYC Tech) is an experienced manufacturer of digital flatbed printer. Predecessor of us is Kunming Boyichuang Advanced Institute of Technology which was established in 2002 and focused on R&D of High Temperature Ceramic Image Technology, and get the Patent of Invention in 2003. In order to promote the R&D and gain more market, KMBYC Tech was established in the year of 2006. We invented the Epson based flatbed printer and get Design Patent in 2009. During years' research, we successively produced eco solvent flatbed printer, t shirt printer, UV printer from A5 to A0+ size. As an experienced manufacturer, we pay most concern on quality control; make sure to provide high quality, stable and durable machine to every user.
Now we have branches in Kunming, Shenzhen and Shanghai, welcome to visit us.
Why to Choose BYC Series Flatbed Printer
-- BYC Tech is the most experienced manufacturer of flatbed printer.
We came into image printing field since 2002, start from High Temperature Ceramic Image Technology, expand research to eco solvent inkjet printing and UV led inkjet printing. We got the most knowledge of flatbed printing.
-- BYC Tech is the creator of Epson based flatbed printer
We got the design pattern of flatbed printer, and produce the first model Epson based flatbed printer (BYC168-2 model).
-- BYC Tech can provide the best technology support
As we have very good experience in producing and using of flatbed printer. We are mastered in problem prevent and solving.
-- BYC Tech is an honest, trustable group
The principle of our advertisement is “real”.
The principle of our communication is “honest”.
The principle of our recruitment is “friendly and diligent”.
The principle of our promise is “any promise to anybody must be accomplished”.