BYC168-4260 T-shirt Printer

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Model: BYC168-4260 flatbed printer
Main Function - prints on t-shirt / up to 2 pieces in one time.
Features -
-- Digital printing - print any image from computer onto product surface DIRECTLY.
-- Specialized textile ink - colorful, vibrant print effect.
-- Low print costs - average costs about $0.1 for a3 size white t shirt.
-- 2 heads printing – 12 channels (2 heads * 6 color channels) high speed printing at same time.
White and color printing in one round – make work easier and save time.
-- Ball-screw drive system - more precise table moving, durable life time and weight bearing ability.
-- White ink stirring system – less ink sediment – better white printing quality and less ink clogging.
-- Auto flash-spray system – spray out specified inkjet quantity during specified interval, to prevent ink clogging.
-- New KMBCY control system – no Paper Jam or General Error – working stable.