BYC168-6D 6090 UV digital flatbed printer with varnish

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Model: BYC168-6090 UV flatbed printer

-- Print size: any size within 60*90 cm.

-- Acceptable object height: 0 – 20 cm

-- Printing Technology: DX8 Micro Piezo / 180 nozzles * 6-colors * 3 heads / inkjet print head / double-head

-- Function: print photo, letter, logo design on product within 60*90 cm size and 20 cm height.

Print photo, letter, logo design directly computer onto flat or close-to-flat surface of almost any material such as acrylic, ABS, PVC, wood, leather, glass, metal sheet etc. It is good for print photo and logo on products such as mobile phone case, card, CD, pen, golf ball etc.
It is widely used for print billboard, signboard, small DIY product, gift product etc.

Features -
-- Digital printing - print any image from computer onto product surface DIRECTLY.
-- UV curable ink print - durable, sunlight proof effect - good for both indoor and outdoor use.
-- Vanish / Clear ink surpportive - to get glossy / well protected / better scratch resistant effect.
-- Low print costs - average costs about $0.7 for 1 square meter size.
-- DX8 print heads - 3 PCS of DX8 heads, each one has 180 nozzles * 6 colors - high resolution & high speed.
-- 3 heads printing - C M Y K + W + V high speed printing at same time - White and color printing in one time.
-- Specialized designed Cylinder Tray (customized) - print on regular standard cylinder product.
-- Auto flash-spray system – spray out specified ink periodically under sleeping mode, to prevent ink clogging.
-- Linear guide rail + Servo drive system - more precise table moving, durable life time.
-- New KMBCY control system – no Paper Jam or General Error – working stable.